About Us

Welcome to 34QR.com (Free QR Code Generator)

34QR.com (Free QR Code Generator) is a product launched in 2014 by  Clickr Information Technology co., Ltd. (Macau Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China) After years of unremitting efforts and technological innovation, it has been upgraded to a multi-functional QR code generation management platform, providing one-stop QR code generation, beautification, management, statistics and other services. It can generate QR codes for various types of attributes such as text, website, images, albums, videos, maps, sound effects, recordings, and apply them to various scenarios.

In this era of rapid development of the Internet, the transmission and sharing of information has become unprecedented important. As a bridge for online and offline interaction, QR code has also become the most simple and convenient direct connection portal for information transmission and sharing.

The platform not only supports the generation of various types of attributes, but users can also customize the appearance of QR codes according to their preferences, including colors, icons, and borders, so that each QR code can become a unique creation.

We will continue to iterate our products, optimize the user experience, expand QR code functionality, and persistently innovate. Our mission is to make QR code generation incredibly simple and rich.